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Affiliates How To Pick A Niche You Can Really Sell To

The choice of niches to promote an affiliate product to (or your own product) is vast, so how do you go about selecting a niche? This article should point you in the right direction! Thousands of people make great money from promoting Clickbank products, including myself. Of course there are other affiliate programs out there as well (and plenty of them) where you can find products to promote. But there are a lot of great products on Clickbank to promote.

The thing is, you have to promote products that you truly believe in and that you feel confident will actually help the people you are promoting to. This may mean you have to buy the product or ask for a review copy. A sensible thing to focus on when doing your niche research, is to look for products that help people to solve a problem. If you make a list of problems that people experience you will have a ton of target markets to go after. Then pick one to start, and then tighten that niche right down. Here's what I mean.

Inital target market = Dog owners Overall Niche: Dog health/illnesses/ailments Tighter niche: kidney failure in dogs Even tighter niche: Kidney failure in Cocker Spaniels (or Alsations, or bulldogs etc) I'm not suggesting that is a good market at this stage, what i'm showing you is how to think of a problem that people have, how to tighten that problem niche right down to a specific target market and a very tight niche, (the tighter the niche the better in a lot of cases). When you have identified a niche you are interested in, you will want to enter it into Google in quotes, like this. "Kidney failure in Cocker Spaniels" and see what comes up. I've just done this on the fly and there is only one Google adwords advertiser, whose ad is pointing to a herbal dog remedy (with no affiliate program).

With only one advertiser, there may not be a market, or maybe we need to make the niche LESS tight, so let's go up a level, back to "kidney failure in dogs". Enter that in Google and we get a couple more advertisers, but only that one again on the herbal remedy thing. OK not looking great at this stage, BUT. This little bit of research activity has shown me that there is a company called http://www.1800petmeds.

com/ that offer treatments for all kinds of pet ailments AND they have an affiliate program. Hmmm. See where a little research can lead you? It may take you in another direction entirely but that's how researching a niche can sometimes work. I do know that a lot of people around the world have dogs of all breeds that die of kidney failure (I had a dog that eventually died of just that illness). Oprah Winfrey's Cocker Spaniel died of kidney failure (I only know that from the Google search I just did above ;0) What you do see when you do that search on kidney failure in dogs is that there is a ton of information that you could research to write your own ebook product (or have it written). This ebook would be bought by most dog owners who have a pet that is suffering in this way.

And these people are urgently in need of the information right away! They want all the research done for them, they haven't got time to do all that research for themselves, so when they find someone who has done it all for them and put it in an ebook that they can download right now, they'll grab it. Because. They have a pressing and urgent need to solve a problem! OK. How can we find out if there is a market for our ebook product (either that we've written ourselves or we've found an affiliate ebook product to promote on this subject?) Well, we go to.

https://adwords.google.com/select/K.ToolExternal This Google keyword research tool is free and only recently Google have included in the results the number of average monthly searches they receive for each keyword or keyword phrase. There are perhaps better keyword research tools around but this one is free, so i'll just use that in this example.

So, I just used that tool and found out that Google say they have 4,400 searches a month for the keyword phrase "kidney failure in dogs". Hmmm. very interesting. Looks like this could be a market! And remember, that's just the searches on Google and doesn't include other major search engine results. Also, with the tool mentioned above, Google also shows us that there is not too much competition for this particular niche.

We also see that the keyword phrase "renal failure in dogs" has an average of 1,900 searches a month, again with little competition. Why is there little affiliate competition? Well, it could be that there are no affiliate products to promote in this niche or simply that nobody has yet created an ebook for this niche? So why not create one yourself and see what happens? And the tool above will also show related search terms that you can use as chapter headings or subject matter in your new ebook :o) Just a thought! I'm not suggesting that you dash right out and do that (although you can if you want to), but the above is an example of how to identify a target niche that you can sell to. Hope that helps.

Roy Carter has now helped hundreds of people around the world to make an extra income online. Perhaps he could help you to do the same! Roy's websites are: http://www.CaseStudyCashClub.com/buildanonlineincome.html http://www.InfoProductsMadeEasy.com

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