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What You Need to Know about iPod Movies

iPod devices that are equipped with video players must have the movies from their original format converted to one that can be read and played by the iPod movie player system. This means that the movie can either be downloaded from an iPod-friendly site such as the Apple iPod Store or another website dedicated to iPod music and movies, or the user must purchase the appropriate conversion software. Most of the iPod movie conversion systems can convert most types of movie files such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, H.

264, VOB or DivX formats into the MPEG-4 video format that the iPod uses. In addition to just converting the format, the system must also match the resolution of the iPod movie player. The typical resolution for the iPod display screen is 640 by 480 for optimum viewing and clarity of picture. Without the appropriate software conversion, the picture would be highly distorted. Other resolutions are possible and the software application will usually optimize the file for viewing, selecting the appropriate resolution. There is also a great program offered by Apple, called QuickTime 7 Pro, that allows you to use home videos and videos that are not professionally made and convert them to play on your iPod, just like an iPod movie that you can download.

This is a great way to personalize your iPod video, or send a home movie to a friend or family member. The process is simple: start by downloading the QuickTime 7 Pro from the Apple website. If you have a Mac computer, simply upload your movie to your computer and click on the title of the movie in the drop down box found on the QuickTime program menu. If you have a PC, upload the movie from the device as per the manuals and then save it in the QuickTime file. Once the movie is selected you will again need to use the drop down box and select the export feature, then click on Movie to iPod and let the computer do the rest.

A scrolling bar will keep you informed of the transfer process and will allow you to see how much more time is required for the transfer to occur. You will then need to synch the iPod with the computer to play the movie the first time, then it will be stored on both your computer and the iPod for future use. The vast number of iPod movies and the ease of using the conversion software means that more people, even those that are not experts on the computer, can easily keep their favorite movies as well as their favorite songs close at hand on their iPod.

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What You Need to Know about iPod Movies - iPod devices that are equipped with video players must have the movies from their original format converted to one that can be read and played by the iPod movie player system.

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