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It's hard to forget the first games we played on PC's, games of 90s, when the invasion of Personal Computers Started. Let's see which are the best games of 90s and to see what happened to them. 1.

Starcraft by Blizzard. "Go, Go, Go". Marines, Zerglings, Zealots, Battlecruisers. It was played hard on all Internet Cafes, before the local and metropolitan networks evolved, probably the game that revolutionized Real Time Strategy. With the number of war units limited will win the player with the best strategy.

This game probably had the greatest impact on gamers, some are still playing it, i played it two weeks ago with one of my friends. After 10 years of success, the release of Starcraft 2 was announced. Starcraft was released on 31 August 1997, 10 years anniversary is coming :) 2.

Quake Quake was a more active game, counting 4 versions until now. The most played was Quake 2, it dominated the shooter genre fans. At the end of 90s it was most played shooter. And for surely, we can't forget the most played map: The Edge. 3. Warcraft When we hear "Warcraft" we will think at the best multi-player game World Of Warcraft, but if we look back, we will remember on of the best strategy games.

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released in 1994 Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness at the end of 1995 Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos in July 2002 World of warcraft is not anymore a Real Time Strategy game. 4. Command and Conquer This game was different than Warcraft and Starcraft because he could simulate a real war, not using monsters, creatures and aliens, but real Soldiers, Grenadiers, Assault Tanks, units required for real wars. This game was better on single player, with entertaining missions, but on multi-player side wasn't too good. Command and Conquer was relesead in 2005.

This idea was later used in many other games, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert, Generals, but when we hear Command and Conquer, we will think at the best war simulation game from 12 years ago. 5. Commandos Commandos is a game with another point of view, neither strategy, nor shooter.

You have several characters and you have to move them one by one to get into enemy bases, rescue people, or kill them all. Each character have his own weapons, and abilities. 6.

Diablo Diablo innovated a new genre: RPG ( Role Playing Game ). You have a character, starting from level 1, you gain experience by killing monsters. With experience you get to next level and you can improve your character to any of 4 primary skills: Dexterity, Strength, Vitality, Magic, and to choose a secondary skill, depending of the character, Warrior, Rogue or Sorcerer. As we can see, Strategy games dominated the 90s gamers.

Nowadays, the most played games are shooters and racing, what we can say about this: the world is changing.

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