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Duke And UNCThe Ultimate Clash On TV

.ACAA tournament was just around the block and I was getting fevered.   I had my 52" HDTV waiting to go and my woman was planning to bake several of  those outstanding game goodies I love to stuff my face with during the game.   I knew that it was going to be a extraordinary game because all the teams  were superior.

  Since I am originally from North Carolina, I root for UNC while my woman  roots for Duke.  This makes it an exciting event in my sanctuary when  UNC plays Duke.  We are both high-spirited individuals so it's no wonderment  the neighbors always wonder what we are up to when we check these  teams.  This assemblage, we decided to have many of the these same neighbors over to  our place for a little party.  I am primed to go and hope that my team  beats out my partner's loved Duke.

   This time, I am even more crazy than the last because I nearly  wasn't fit to observe the games because of some budget cuts we made in our  household.  My woman said if I loved my precious new sports car, I would  have to give up the HDTV service we have from our cable organization.  I  was crushed but not enough to give up the car.

  Miraculously, my partner told me about a special antenna.  You buy an  antenna for inside or outdoor use and it gives you a HDTV picture.  It  will actually provide you with a crisper signal output than the one you  find from a cable company.  I took my friend's word for it and  purchased the antenna.

  I received it a few days before the event.  My wife doubled her arms  across her chest and just looked at me as if I was unbalanced.  I didn't care  because I was about to possess the best of both worlds.  I hooked up the  antenna and turned on my HDTV.  All of a sudden, my TV was searching for  all of the channels I had before my budget cut back.  The day of the event was impressive!  It felt like I was in the stands with  the best place in the house.

  Actually, I felt like I was on the court  because the image was so vivid and sharp.  The players looked like  they would uprise right out of the screen.  What would I have ever done  without my antenna and HDTV, I do not know.  I am so gladsome that I have my  TV back, my new car and the UNC triumph! .

John Wilkerson has had the trials and tribulations of finding an HDTV antenna that really works, and if you own a RV, take a look at the all new RV "Picture Frame" antenna for hdtv. Resources: HDTV antenna RV Antenna

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