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Home Computers for all the Family

Home Computers for all the Family Desktop computers that are designed to be used by the whole family need to have good all round capabilities. They need to be able to handle lots of different computer programs and tasks depending on which family member is using it at the time. Reliability is also a key consideration when there are multiple users that have access to a desktop PC. Due to the nature of a family PC's uses, opting for a media centre computer may be a good idea. This enables you to watch TV on the computer with digital TV card and also control music and movies all with the media centre remote control. These TV cards often have a built in dual tuner allowing you to watch a freeview channel while recording another on to your hard drive.

A high power but quiet power supply and cooling fans are also necessary if the desktop computer is to be placed in a location where noise is an issue, such as a living room. Children invariably want to play games, which will be done on family value desktop computers. Therefore, a good graphics card with its own memory such as a Nvidia Geforce or ATI Radeon is a must.

Premium quality sound should also be considered for gaming. This will also be beneficial for watching TV and movies. To complement your family desktop PC, a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse can also be used to aid the whole media centre experience. To further enhance the media experience, a 19 inch TFT wide screen monitor and surround sound speakers would be an excellent choice. If you wish, you can also purchase a media centre remote control and a printer if needed.

Worry not, even if you are 'computer illiterate', PC Specialist have a whole section devoted to explaining exactly what each and every component does. This us an invaluable tool for anyone who knows little about computers but still would like a bespoke PC. Visit pcspecialist.

co.uk and discover how to get started toady.

PC Specialist is an online PC sales company offering desktops and laptops for business and personal use. With many years experience in the computer trade we provide the best computers at the best prices.

Home Networking

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