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I Didnt Just Need Golf Swing Training I Needed A Golf INTERVENTION

I was in desperate shape for some golf swing training after carding a near 98 at one of the local clubs by me. Things were bad. Real bad. I thought my golf swing was a thing of beauty. I mean, it felt languid and long. It felt peaceful.

It felt slow and steady. In fact, I thought it was a thing to behold. Problem was.

there was a problem. It seemed that my hands were rushing so my arms were being forced to catch up at impact which caused my hips to stay in place until they could help my arms. And my legs? Well I think my legs were just plain confused. But you have to understand that I THOUGHT it was all working fine. The problem was that I did not have a repeatable swing. I was making small to large corrections in my golf swing mechanics on each and every shot.

I was adjusting the triangle that I was SUPPOSED to be holding with every shot. Little was I aware that the Power Triangle (as it has come to be known) is the essence of every shot in golf. From tee to green and everywhere in between, a triangle is the core of the pure golf shot and a triangle needs to be maintained at address, at impact, during the finish and at rest upon finish. The pros all use the power triangle as a concept to their game.

It becomes their control. And everything that moves them away from their control causes unrest in the mechanics of the swing. In the end, golf will be played best by those people who learn the art and necessity of repetition. Boring old repetition. For it is in repetition that the basic swing mistakes are eliminated. The Perfect Connextion builds the Power Triangle into my golf swing by locking me into it and it holds me in that triangle throughout.

Like a golf straight jacket of sorts. LOL. And for those of us (myself very much included) who truly believe that we will find our own "better" way than the way the swing was meant to be crafted, the perfect golf swing training just waits. And laughs.

You've heard about it, maybe even read about it. Now discover the golf swing training aid that has changed the game for thousands. The Perfect Connextion is stunning. And now, just for reading this article, you can get it with TWO FREE BONUSES and 7 FREE ONLINE LESSONS by visiting http://www.tabinteractive.net/golf1.html and make sure you use PIN #PSCR12382 for your discounts.

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