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I Love My Choices Of High Definition Programming

A year ago, I purchased a new HDTV because my crappy one finally decided to stop working.  I was browsing through my new fancy high definition stations and found A&Es show Intervention.  I have been watching it every since.  I think the main reason I am in love with this reality show is that I am a reality show addict.  If the show is about the drama of other people, I will view it.

  Intervention is just that on a completely new structure.  . .This is not a show with some worthless girls on it screaming at each other over a man.  It's much more serious than that and the high definition image I have to watch the show makes it even better to follow.  With my new HDTV, I feel like I am in the person's home right there with them doing the intervention.

  Before I go any further, let me tell you a little about this show.  Intervention is about someone who has an addition.  It can be alcohol dependency or drugs.  . .Family members and friends gather with a counselor who helps them come up with a program to approach their loved one about his or her disease.

  In the mean time, the addict is part of an interview about his or her difficulty.  Nevertheless, so he or she won't know about the coming intervention the person is told he or she is in a documentary.  One day, unbeknownst to the addict, the family and friends meet up with the individual.  They all write letters and then read them aloud to the person who is part of the intervention.  .

.The adviser asks the addict if he or she is interested in rehab, if the person says, "no" the family and friends try to persuade their loved one with tear jerking tales of how much the individual means to them.  As I said, I didn't discover this show until I bought my new HDTV.  I am so pleased I did because it really is a extraordinary show.

  I can't say that I never cry when the family pours their heart out to the suffering loved one.  It's just so horrible how these people get wrapped up in drugs and alcohol and cannot control it.  . .The show has taught me a lot.  High definition programing is truly the future.

  I commonly stick with the high definition channels now because they are so crisp and clear.  I cannot wait until February 17, 2009 when all programming will be in high definition.  I may just have a dependency myself.

HDTV addiction.

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