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Nokia Cellular Phone History And Evolution

Believe it or not, Nokia traces its roots in the year 1865 when Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer founded a forest industry in South-Western Finland, the foundation of the Finnish Rubber Works Ltd in 1898, and the Finnish Cable Works 1912. When the ownership of these companies fell into the hands of few people, these three companies gave birth to the Nokia Corporation in 1967. After the first cellular phone calls in the early part of the 1970s, the wireless technology has been unstoppable. Nokia Corporation capitalized on this.

Although the trend during that time is focused on the different electronic gadgets including the personal computers, microchips, satellites, and televisions, first Nokia cellular phone was born in the background using the NMT or the mobile telephone network technology. In the late eighties, the technological breakthrough brought the Global System for Mobile Communications, which became more popularly known as the GSM. This second-generation mobile phone system is proved to be faster, more efficient and enable users to make international roaming easily.

With its dawn, Nokia became global, releasing several Nokia cellular phones to include the Nokia 810 car phone and the Nokia 1011 that is included in the original Nokia cellular phone series. These units brought forth the evolution of Nokia cellular phones on the large scale. Shortly, the Nokia cellular phone Ultra basic series was released. Nokia started using the four-digit name to their cellular phones. The product includes the candy bar Nokia 1100, Nokia 1101, and 9 other Nokia cellular phones. Soon the Nokia cellular phone basic series was launch with several other series.

The expression series first released in 1997 with the Nokia 3110 include the most popular 3210 released in 1999 instantly hit big not only in Europe but also in most foreign countries. The active series that gave birth to the Nokia 5110 started the evolution of mobile phones with the Xpress On shell. This series bears the pride of the Nokia's first phone with a built in MP3 player with the Nokia 5510. The classic business series popularized by the Nokia 6110 give its appeal to the executive at the turn of the century. The fashion experimental series led by the Nokia 7110 with Nokia's first phone with a WAP browser The premium series or the 8xxx series is known for its style and uniqueness mainly because of its size and exclusivity. With product innovation that answers both the technological need and the innovative design.

Nokia cellular phones launched several other series including the smartphone series. The smartphone series is one of the several next generation Nokia cellular phones in the market. The smartphone imitates the functionality of a personal computer and the compact cellular phone.

Nokia models included in this series are the Nokia 9000 Communicator, Nokia 9000i Communicator, Nokia 9110 Communicator, Nokia 9110i Communicator, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9210i Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator Nokia 9300, and the Nokia 9500 Communicator. The Eseries and the Nseries, two of the latest additions to the Nokia cellular phone family combine the GMS and the UTMS technology and target the business world with its business functions, and user-friendly features. With superior technology combined with corporate appeal, the N and Eseries generate enough popularity to the right target class. But not all Nokia cellular phones target the business class; the youth is also included in the targeted market segment of the company.

One prime example is the Nokia cellular phone gaming series. Combined with the all cellular phone capability and virtually unlimited gaming features, the Nokia cellular phone gaming series provides mobile game excitement as well as youthful style. Although consumers witness the insurmountable innovations of Nokia cellular phone in few decades, the company has yet to release the best Nokia cellular phones. As technology progresses right before our eyes, Nokia will surely provide the latest and most innovative phones in the market as they lead in the mobile phone industry throughout the world.

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