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Rundll Errors and Ways to Repair Them

Rundll errors may appear frequently to some computer users, and these errors are a big source of frustration to many. What causes these errors, and what can be done to stop them? Some Windows operating system versions use a command line utility program called Rundll.exe, and this utility will allow you to call a function which is exported from a dynamic link library, also called a DLL. This program can be the cause of error messages that are displayed on the screen, but there are ways to fix and prevent these Rundll errors so that they don't happen. How To Make Rundll Errors A Thing Of The Past The first step is to go through all of the installed programs and applications, and remove the ones which you do not use or need.

The more programs you have on your computer, the slower your system will run and the more error messages you can receive. Many computers come with a lot of software programs already installed, and many times users do not want or use some of these programs. Removing these programs will help your computer run more efficiently and faster, plus get rid of some Rundll error messages that keep popping up. Anti virus software is an important security step for your system.

Many of these infections can change the configuration of your computer, and some can cause physical damage to your hardware as well. Almost every user has experienced an Rundll error message or a virus warning, and anti virus software will help to identify and remove these programs before any damage is done, or any changes are made. It is important to check frequently for updates as well, because new virus definitions are being added to the database as they are identified. Spyware is another form of malicious software that can cause Rundll error messages. These software programs can wreak havoc on your system, causing your computer to download and install programs without your knowledge or consent.

Some spyware can even record keystrokes to find passwords and other sensitive information, which can then be used to access your accounts. This can put you at risk for identity theft and financial ruin, and no one wants this. Install a good anti spyware program to catch these malicious programs before they can affect your computer. A registry cleaner is the fastest and most efficient way to clean your registry, with none of the hassles involved in manual editing, and this step will get rid of Rundll errors for good.

The registry contains all relevant keys and entries for the operating system, as well as all other applications and programs installed on your system. The registry also holds preferences and different settings for users, so it is important that critical keys and entries are not removed. If the wrong components are removed, this can cause programs to run poorly or not at all, and your computer can crash and refuse to start back up.

Using a registry cleaner only takes minutes to use, cleaning up your registry and increasing the speed and performance of your computer. When the registry is clean, error messages, including Rundll errors, are fixed and do not happen again.

Brian Williams is a self-confessed PC fiddler dedicated to 'spreading the word' when it comes to fixing PC errors and helping people make the most use of their PCs. For FREE ACCESS to more PC tips n' tricks, just visit Optimize-Your-PC.com

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