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Satellite Descrambler Makes a Clear Picture

A satellite descrambler is a satellite card that contains specific software for authorized satellite users to access a clear, digital satellite picture that they usually pay a monthly subscription fee for. This is the piece of technology designed by companies to deal with the increasing problem of unauthorized users hacking the signals. Without the appropriate descrambler the user will only receive the scrambled signal from the satellite.

An authorized user is given the appropriate descrambler in order to enjoy whatever satellite programming they ordered. The price for the satellite descramblers varies. Some people pay up to a few hundred dollars while other satellite television providers charge more for programming, but add the software for free. Doing just a little bit of research and homework can allow you to know what to expect. The channels that will actually be available through the descrambler will depend upon the package that you have selected and the specific satellite system. If you are looking at a satellite TV system, then there's no question you will need to purchase or acquire a satellite descrambler of some type.

There are two types of satellite TV signals available for consumers to access: Free To Air (FTA) and Premium. To simplify, anything that is premium and pay-per-view you need a satellite descrambler for. Anything else you don't.

Satellite TV is beamed through a signal from a satellite to a satellite dish and then passed via a cable to the receiver which is usually next to your TV. The job of the receiver is to convert the radio frequency signal from the satellite dish into audio and video signals that you can feed into your home television equipment, i.e. the TV shows.

The signals for satellite shows are intentionally scrambled, which is why people without subscriptions get white fuzz, because a satellite descrambler is needed to "decode" the intentionally scrambled picture to make sense of it all. Satellite descramblers will allow a wide range of shows to be available for a consumer's attention, but the satellite providers need to pay for the huge expense of the satellites, which is why a monthly subscription is charged for your satellite TV. The descrambler is the tool that allows the shows to actually come in.

They are also the tools that prevent individuals from watching satellite TV for free. One way to think of a satellite descrambler is like an interpreter. The mixed up signals are a foreign language you have never heard of, and have absolutely no way to figure out. But with the sofware acting as an interpreter, the "gibberish" comes into clear focus in a language you can understand and comprehend.

That's what a satellite descrambler does: it literally unscrambles a scrambled signal so you can enjoy quality television in your own home.

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