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Sirius Goes Portable with Home Docking Stations and Satellite Accessories

Accessories for XM and Sirius Satellite radios are abundant. There are tons to choose from, and every time you turn around it seems there's something new! Speakers, car kits, home kits, mp3 players, portable players, headphones, and arm bands. Here are a few of the more popular satellite radio accessories available on the market, including home docking stations.

Home docking stations are very popular. These are available for all of the major satellite radio service companies, and there is one for just about any budget. The concept is simple; just take the tuner from your car, snap it into a docking station in your home, and you are ready to continue listening to your favorite satellite radio programming in the comfort of your home, dorm room, or even your office! You can get these kits in small boom box styles, and larger multi speaker home entertainment center styles. These home docking stations range in price from as low as $40 to as much as $300 or more when purchased new. Home antennas are also popular, so that you can receive clearer, stronger signals inside your home with your satellite radio tuners and home docking kits.

Other accessories available include headphones, cases for portable players, small speakers for portable units, armbands, and you can even buy antennas that are painted specially to match your vehicle color, rather than having a plain black antenna sticking out of your car. For some of the satellite radio companies even offer kits to turn any FM tuner into satellite radio! You can also buy remote controls for just about any tuner, if it doesn't already come with one, so you won't have to get off the couch or out of bed to change the programming. Most of the accessories that are most popular right now are designed for portability, with both of the major satellite radio service providers, XM and Sirius offering portable satellite tuners, and there are some that will play both satellite programming and MP3's. The manufacturers and satellite radio companies have made it easy for you to take your satellite programming with you. Everything from small tuners meant for portability to small speakers to keep on your desk are available, in every budget range. Research your accessory choices before you go to the store so that you won't be tempted to buy every last neat accessory you see.

Make a budget, and stick to it! Buy the satellite radio accessories that you need and/or want the most first, the others can come later!.

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