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Telecom Solution

Telecom or telecommunication is the assisted transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. Over time, the means and methods of telecommunications have evolved significantly and have become better, faster and more efficient. Popular telecom solutions used today involve the use of electronic transmitters such as telephone, TV, radio and computer. Using such transmitters, telecom providers have developed advanced telecom solution and services such as WAP, SMS/MMS marketing, mobile short codes and SMS gateway services. These hi-tech telecom services have completely revolutionized the established telecom industry and contributed in a big way to the shrinking of our vast world. Telecom operators have realized the tremendous potential that the use of mobile technology coupled with the traditional communication channels offers.

They are effectively using these channels as great marketing and communication tools. WAP or Wireless Application Protocol is an open international specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and instantly interacts with information and services. It uses handheld digital devices such as pagers, mobile phones, smart phones and two-way radios.

SMS/MMS solutions have made mobile marketing a reality for business enterprises today. Using these services, companies are able to send bulk messages to consumers, have successfully expanded their customer base and generated high response rates. Mobile short codes are special phone numbers, shorter than usual telephone numbers that are used for text messaging. They allow users to interact with media outlets, and government agencies etc. and can be used for several value added services.

SMS gateways facilitate the sending and receiving of SMS messages to and from devices and can be used as a means of SMS connectivity to third parties. Binary Parcels offers a complete range of IT capabilities and telecom solution services to business entities. If you are looking for assistance in creating and developing applications based upon leading edge mobile platforms, such as WAP/WML, SMS/ MMS solutions, Blackberry, Symbian, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and much more, turn to Binary Parcels for a complete solution for all your telecom needs. We possess the industry's leading knowledge, skill and capabilities in areas of Global Mobile Delivery, Short Codes, Mobile Originated, Mobile Terminated, Premium SMS Gateways, Mobile Marketing, 2-Way Session Based Applications, Inter-Operator Messaging, Mobile Payments and Billing Solutions. We help you get rid of the complexities of dealing with infrastructure and billing and offer easy-to-use and efficient SMS/MMS transport and financial collection services to cater to all your mobile messaging and telecom needs.

So, click binaryparcels.com for a look at new-age SMS/MMS solutions and telecom and mobile services and forget all your messaging worries.

Arun Shah is well know author who writes about different Symbian Software for mobiles Solution, Mobile Shortcodes. For more information please visit www.binaryparcels.com

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